Global Speakers Summit
From Leader To Legacy: A Global Journey
23 - 26 Feb 2018
New Zealand
Four Days of Transforming our World
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Four Days of Transforming our World

This is the Summit for professional trainers, speakers, consultants, MCs and business leaders who speak.

You are a Global Thought Leader. Consider our global family who on average speaks to around 3,000 people each per year. Each person has influenced over 350 main people during their lifetime, which means that during your career you personally influence millions of people. This is a huge gift and responsibility. With the world in confusion with ‘celebrity Presidents’, politicians who people have lost faith in, and a constant focus on extremists and other issues in the world, where is the shining light? YOU are the ones we have been waiting for.

The Global Speakers Summit is bringing to you the latest and best practices in learning, marketing, selling from the stage, positioning, branding, stage craft and of course productisation. When you leave this Summit you will be years ahead. You will have made the right decision to be part of this Global Legacy.

Featured Speakers

Glen Levy

New Zealand

Karen Jacobsen

USA & Australia

Shirley Taylor

GSF President

Douglas Kruger

South Africa

Elizabeth McCormick

Former US Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot (USA)

Cam Calkoen

New Zealand

Annah Stretton

New Zealand

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Sky City Convention Centre
Auckland New Zealand



Seeing so many different speakers in just a few days is inspiring and helps me to progress further

2013 GSS Attendee

I loved the international element. I specifically enjoyed sharing ideas on growing our association and business with our international guests.

2013 GSS Attendee #2

I had some very specific learning goals (how to take my services online) and I achieved that. the people were great and adding in the international crew certainly added a positive benefit.

2013 GSS Attendee #3

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