BO3 – Boost Your Brand Through the Power of Visual Storytelling

25 Feb 2018
3:45 pm
Epsom 3

BO3 – Boost Your Brand Through the Power of Visual Storytelling

In this session we will discover how authentic visual storytelling can sell you (or sink you) before you step on stage.

In our fast-paced, visual message-driven culture, clients make snap-judgements about making contact, about you and your worth in less than .02 seconds of viewing your profile and images online.

Do you know something is not working but not sure what it is? Is it possible you simply do not know if your current ‘visual story’ is stealing opportunities from you by turning away your most profitable clients before you ever get the chance to meet them.

There are simple rules to visual language that once you learn you can never un-see. I can show you how. In this fun and fast-paced, highly visual presentation you will learn to:

  • Identify the personal characteristics that clients will pay you more for and learn to communicate them before you get to the negotiating table.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • Avoid visual cliches that kill your credibility and prevent clients from seeing your real value.
  • Leverage visual language to speak to your ideal client and customers at a ‘gut level’, create new opportunities in your career and personal life.

Speaker Bio

When AJ Coots first learned to use an SLR, she was nine and the camera had film in it. 
AJ was trained in the art of headshot photography working in the Canadian film industry in Vancouver, BC. But now uses her powers for ‘mortals, not models’.

Today, influencers from all around the globe travel to Portland, Oregon USA to work with her for their personal branding and headshot photography. AJ loves to educate, teach, and empower people in all professions and walks of life, but especially loves helping “universe-denters” who through speaking, creating, expressing are bringing their unique mark to the world.