BO4 – The Perfect Corporate Webinar

25 Feb 2018
2:15 pm
Epsom 1&2

BO4 – The Perfect Corporate Webinar

How do you know if you are really hitting the mark with your Webinars and what can you change to ensure repeat business and referrals. Sharon Connolly has delivered over 10,000 Webinars worldwide on subjects ranging from assembling an printer, photographing a power station and anti money laundering. Working as a learning and design consultant for companies such as Hewlett Packard and most recently Westpac bank, webinar design has to be spot on!

With the benefit of insights from hundreds of surveys and mountains of feedback Sharon will share:

  • what does audience engagement really mean
  • how to design compelling visuals (not what you’d think!)
  • what tools the professionals use
  • the importance of LMS integration for corporates

If you want to sell your Webinars to large organisations you simply cannot use the same tactics that information marketers use to sell to entrepreneurs. It’s a different ball game…would you like to learn to play?

Speaker Bio

After 24 years as a speaker and entrepreneur Sharon Connolly has been working deep “under cover” one of Australia’s largest banks! For the last three years she’s been discovering how your small business should run more like big business. It’s a totally different ball game. Want to play? Sign up for a coaching session on how to play a bigger game.