BO3 – Video testimonials with the impact to create action

25 Feb 2018
2:15 pm
Auckland 3

BO3 – Video testimonials with the impact to create action

In this day and age simply speaking is not enough to win the audience and your next job.

Jill will show us how to create unique engagement pieces to add engagement and impact to your speech to win them and create impact. She will also reveal how to turn an unreceptive audience into eager participants

Speaker Bio

In 2012 Jill Schiefelbein created a 52-video series. After a year, she wasn’t happy with the series’ performance, so she put her geek hat on and dove into the analytics to learn how to make her content discovered. What she learned led to a YouTube presence with syndication offers, a book deal, and 1.5M+ video views. Jill will help you understand the fundamental shifts in copywriting you need to get your content found. She’s the author of Dynamic Communication: 27 Strategies to Grow, Lead, and Manage Your Business, a VIP Contributor at Entrepreneur, and a partner at Entrepreneur Network.