Pre Convention Workshop 2 – Mastering Stage Mechanics

24 Feb 2018
1:30 pm
Auckland 1&2

Pre Convention Workshop 2 – Mastering Stage Mechanics

Led by Simone De Haas with Steve Lowell

Shakespeare said “All the World’s A Stage…” and when it comes to creating a global leadership legacy ALL of the STAGE is a WORLD that comes to glorious life under the dynamic creation, facilitation and transformation of a multi-award winning theatre director, producer and professional actor, Simone de Haas.

In this experiential and creative workshop, participants are invited to experiment with key stagecraft mastery techniques, processes and performance skills that can be incorporated into keynotes, workshops and seminars for maximum impact and influence. Participants will be encouraged and guided to build on their own speaking expertise by utilising tried and tested theatre, film & television techniques to transform their story-telling, stagecraft mastery and presence.

Participants will learn how to amplify and master their stagecraft skills to command, captivate and cut-through.

Key learning points:

Participants will:
1. Discover and Experiment with the Power Areas of the Stage to create deep engagement;
2. Learn how to create Visual Progressions for masterful Story-Telling;
3. Discover how to create Dynamic Ground Plans to anchor stories, anecdotes and entire presentations without notes;
4. Understand how to use theatre as a controlled vs meaningless stylization so that it adds to your impact instead of detracting from your credibility.
5. Discover and connect with their own Actor Persona to amplify eloquence and create lasting change for their audiences.

Speaker Bios

Simone de Haas has a brilliance with stage and story that has been honed by a creatively inspired career of over 30 years. She is a multi-award-winning Theatre Director, Producer and Performer, as well as an Acting Coach for Film, Television & Theatre. Simone has worked as an Associate Lecturer at Griffith University and QUT in Acting for Musical Theatre and Performance Studies. She has directed major productions such as Les Miserablés, Sound of Music & CATS.

Simone focuses her exceptional creative expertise on developing business story-telling and is a Corporate Story Director and Executive Speaking Coach & Mentor.

Steve Lowell, CSP has been on the live stage since the age of six; that’s 49 years ago! Not only is Steve a sought-after keynote and breakout speaker, he is a mentor to professional speakers and business owners around the world. Steve is the 2017 National President-Elect for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).

Steve has created global speaking and training business all by helping entrepreneurs, executives and speakers to build their businesses through personal and professional development and strategic networking and speaking techniques.