Partner Session – BO2 – Mastering mastermind groups that create quantum change

26 Feb 2018
3:45 pm
Epsom 3

Partner Session – BO2 – Mastering mastermind groups that create quantum change

Masterminds are Magic

You can add another income stream to your speaking practice by offering facilitated masterminds in your area of expertise.

Masterminds come in all shapes and sizes. Paid, peers, secret, closed, open, closed, face to face, on-line and everything in between. Masterminds have been described as a group designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others. Running a successful mastermind takes skill and commitment and yes you really can get paid to organise and facilitate masterminds in your favourite topic.

In this session Paula Smith CSP will share with you:

  • How to choose your mastermind topic
  • Who to invite to your mastermind
  • Structures and strategies to help you facilitate your paid mastermind groups
  • How long should your mastermind group run and what happens when it all comes to an end

Join Paula to discover the magic of the mastermind to grow your business and amplify your brand.

Speaker Bio

Paula Smith CSP has been helping experts, entrepreneurs and organisational leaders to grow their business and amplify their brands by harnessing the power of speaking for the past 30 years.

Paula is the expert in Presentation Intelligence (TM) and Neuropresenting (TM) and admits she is just a little bit obsessed with quality training and presenting.

Professional Speaker, Master Trainer, Author and Coach, Paula brings her rich life experience and solid expertise to the platform in a dynamic and infectious way every time.