Pain is Not Real

25 Feb 2018
8:15 am
Auckland 1&2

Pain is Not Real

Neural Hacking Techniques – Glen will teach you about QUANTUM, bio energy, and how to change your beliefs and behaviours that have been limiting your positive personal and mental growth. He will give you physical confidence by showing you some sure-fire quick techniques to be ninja. Funny, engaging and brilliant. You will leave your time with Glen having a newfound sense of confidence in your physical and mental state. Imagine knowing you could shift your state from anxiety to joy in just a few moments and imagine feeling empowered when faced with challenges rather than disempowered or worse still – a victim.  You too will learn amazing and stunning Neural Hacking Techniques , relevant and effective QUANTUM Tool and proven ways to turn anxiety and pressure into joy and bliss. Four key areas Glen will focus on are:

  1. That pain is not real – all types of pain (physical and emotional) are imaginary and can be controlled
  2. How Glen has activated the higher states to learn languages, find partners in life and business and achieve the heights he has
  3. The way in which he exercises to keep fit without the gym or dieting
  4. His visualization methods which are so much more advanced than what most have been taught 

With over 1,000,000 You Tube Views and over 40 Feature Film Credits Glen will divulge the technology that allowed him to overcome pain, having broken his back twice and drowned on set, and master his mind in any situation.

Speaker Bio

The Man dubbed by National Geographic as ‘The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet’ for his physical and Ninja abilities is not a brand Glen Levy likes or even shares. You will have seen him brandishing his sword in Spartacus, an M3 in 6 Days, drooling as the head Orc in Lord of the Rings or manipulating as the deformed Slanter in The Shannara Chronicles. Glen understands the human body better than most people. He has spoken in everywhere from India, to Portugal on how it works, entertaining even a group of 200 Neurosurgeons on what the brain really does.

Glen Levy is well known in New Zealand where he played his alter ego – a comedic version of himself in the highly rated Auckland Daze. He is the author of ‘Standing in Stillness’ and loves to share on his pet topic that ‘Pain is not Real’ Let’s see who wants to be his muse for that?