Making the impossible possible – building a legacy together

25 Feb 2018
9:10 am
Auckland 1&2

Making the impossible possible – building a legacy together

Your legacy isn’t about you. No one can tackle the biggest challenges facing man in isolation. Leveraging partnership synergy is essential for us to have impact, influence and to ignite inspiration. A legacy isn’t just our remembrance; it is something we learn, live and lead on the best and worst of days despite our greatest fears, huge obstacles, and violent opposition.

Researching world leaders, centenarians and 100yr+ old family enterprises we discover three key elements: mastery of leadership, partnership, and stewardship. We all inherit the decisions from our predecessors so we need to work together to accomplish the impossible across generations.

What you’ll be able to add to your legacy of wisdom to be ready NOW:

  1. A framework for mapping your inspired cause in 56 different ways
  2. Insights for mastering leadership, partnership and stewardship
  3. Criteria for assessing if your desired legacy is authentic
  4. Tips to make your shared legacy more magnetic and memorable

Speaker Bio

Enette Pauzé is an expert in business partnerships and has worked with visionary leaders for more than 20 years. Her experience comes from leading provincial and national multi-stakeholder and cross-sector partnerships, global masterminds, training partnership leaders globally, conducting primary research, and writing articles, books and educational resources (on the topics of partnerships, leadership, collaboration, and coaching). She completed her PhD at the University of Toronto, specializing in organizational partnerships, and her FEA designation with the Family Enterprise Xchange.