Develop your Instinct and Intuition

23 Feb 2018
4:00 pm
Auckland 3

Develop your Instinct and Intuition

Every great leader has a phenomenal intuition and instinct. In fact people like Richard Branson openly state they go with their gut and support their decisions with fact. Most average leaders do the opposite. This process is scientifically linked to JOY. Do you know what produces joy in your brain?There are 3 neurotransmitters involved in the joy process:

  1. Serotonin (happiness chemical substance which increase resilience)
  2. Dopamine (hormone of desire, increase the feeling of well being)
  3. Oxytocin (love chemical substance which allow us to welcome life and other)

The side affect is that it will also decrease your stress about 50%, increase your performance from 30% to 60% and your resilience. Examples from high-level sportsmen/women (individual or team) could show you and inspire you to use joy as a booster of your performance and results in your project/enterprise whilst minimising stress.

Speaker Bio

Hervé Franceschi passes on his teachings with joy and pleasure through memorable coaching sessions and by giving innovative training and inspiring talks. He mainly talks about nature (back to nature to develop instinct and intuition or about dialog with trees and horses), joy (as a main booster of performance), and emotional and relational intelligence.