Closing Keynote – From Leader to Legacy

26 Feb 2018
4:30 pm
Auckland 1&2

Closing Keynote – From Leader to Legacy

In 2004 Cam Calkoen was a full-time athlete with aspirations of representing New Zealand at the Paralympics. Through the pursuit of excellence he was asked to speak of his dreams, results and purpose. Terrified of the reality of speaking to a room full of people he decided the only way to get over the fear was to take control of everything he could and would train train train to ensure that while the process may be difficult he could be confident in his message…that message radiated with people and Cams confidence grew.

As years went on Cams dream transitioned from what he could do with his walk as an athlete in stadiums to what he could do with his talk as a speaker in arenas and his vision became a world where everyone is inspired to embrace their opportunity. Through living for a purpose beyond ourself we are motivated to conquer things we may initially find scary, through living true to our passion we see opportunity, and when realise that our success isn’t determined by what we achieve individually but how we learn from experiences to move, connect and inspire others…it is then that we start to create legacy.

This talk is designed to celebrate who we are as speakers, to further inspire us to truly make a difference and to leave a long lasting impact with everyone we encounter, because speaking is a 24/7 lifestyle that requires 100% or nothing if legacy is what motivates us the most and it should.

Speaker Bio

If we could achieve anything, what would it be, how would we feel and what would we have to do? They are pretty big questions but when answered we see opportunity, we clarify purpose and we achieve some pretty awesome things.

Cam Calkoen was born with Cerebral Palsy and told that his biggest challenges in life would be the way he walks and talks, but in focusing what he ‘CAN DO’ he embraced his opportunities to become:

  • An athletic gold medalist
  • A charitable fundraiser
  • A social innovator
  • An Inspirational speaker

Walking and talking have become Cams greatest strengths and passport to traveling this world. How? Why? Because he believed in his dreams, he set the bar high, he learnt from the best and was quick to learn that the only thing getting in the way of his most desired accomplishments would be an undesirable attitude.

With 14 years experience speaking and 3 years as a full time professional speaker Cam is 1 of 12 New Zealand speakers to become a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP) and only 1 of 761 to globally acclaim this recognition. Cam is a speaker who’s continually developing his craft and tailoring his content to see him generate a long lasting impact with clients that include; Fonterra, AMP, Frucor Suntory, McDonalds, RE/MAX, KPMG, Mercury Energy, Viacom International and over 100 other clients each year since 2014; from award evenings, to gala dinners, government, corporate and industry conventions.

In 2015 Cam spoke on the TEDx platform about how simple words inspire big actions, Cam moves people to see and believe things that they previously couldn’t see within themselves, to be gooder than good, greater than great and to indeed live for awesome!

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