Building Amazing Marketing Funnels

23 Feb 2018
4:30 pm
Auckland 3

Building Amazing Marketing Funnels

Any marketer that’s worth their salt knows that in this age of digital noise overload, the trusty website is no longer sufficient as far as attraction, nurturing and online conversions go.

Cue the online sales funnel – a recipe consisting of good sales copy, video sales letters, webinars, email sequences and whatever other tools suit the market. An ideal online sales funnel is designed to attract your ideal audience, inform and empower them on their buyer’s journey, and nurture them through not only their first purchase, but the second, third and beyond.

No matter what your product or service, an online, automated sales funnel will add exponential value to your marketing efforts. Those who’ve studied consumer behavior and psychology will tell you that people who have already shown an interest in your products (ie, existing customers) will by far be the most likely group to buy from you again.

Based on this fact, by spending a lot of your energy and marketing efforts focusing on this group of people means that you’ll get higher conversions because you are intelligently using your time and resources for maximum returns.

Cam will be outlining some of the best in class tools and the most important qualities of sales funnels, which demonstrate why they are a powerful concept to use in your business.

Speaker Bio

Cam Wilkes is a digital marketer having played a key role as General Manager in the growth of one of New Zealand’s largest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agencies (from a team of four to well over 40 within five years).

During his tenure in the SEO space, Cam lectured for the New Zealand Marketing Association’s Digital Marketing courses and Unitec’s SEO course.

After identifying the desire for faster results through paid traffic generation in digital marketing, Cam now specialises in online sales funnels and is New Zealand’s first, and currently only ClickFunnels Certified Partner (ClickFunnels is a leading web based sales funnel, lead nurturing and marketing automation platform).