3 Ways to Keep your Brain Healthy

23 Feb 2018
4:00 pm
Auckland 1&2

3 Ways to Keep your Brain Healthy

Join Dr. John Molidor as he examines how to keep your brain healthy.

  • Brief Overview of the Brain (i.e., brain basics)
  • Three Key Neuroscience Principles for Speakers
    • Principle 1: Brains are hemispheric (and not left or right-brained)
    • Principle 2: Location matters (and it matters in order to be brain-friendly)
    • Principle 3: Brains love patterns (and will impose a pattern even when there is none)
  • Three Key Ways to Keep Your Own Brain Healthy (i.e., what research, neuroscience, and nutritional science tell us to do)
  • Conclusion & Take-Aways

Speaker Bio

Dr. John B. Molidor is a Professor of Psychiatry, a CSP, and the Immediate Past President of NSA US who has always been interested in how the brain works. As a Professional Speaker, John is intrigued with how audience’s brain receives and processes what we say. So he set out to research how one can create healthy, brain-friendly, and memorable presentations that are based on key Neuroscience Principles.