BO4 – Why All Professional Speakers Should Run Their Own Events!

26 Feb 2018
11:20 am
Epsom 1&2

BO4 – Why All Professional Speakers Should Run Their Own Events!

Most professional speakers are losing gigs, missing out on training and coaching work, and leaving money on the table when it comes to people that COULD be booking them.

Find out how to stop that by understanding the types of event YOU should be running!

Ever turned up at an event only to find there are far less people that the promoter promised?

Or found that not all the audience had come to see you and weren’t all interested in your content?

Or tried to run your own events, but didn’t get the numbers you wanted?

Not anymore. This session will show you the type of event YOU should be running, the audience it should be for, and how to make sure you pack it out with prospects and paying customers!

After running hundreds of events globally, for himself and other people, Andy shares his experience and expertise with you in this session.  Make sure you don’t miss out on a fantastic promotional tool, and extra revenue stream that most speakers don’t access!

Speaker Bio

Andy Preston is from Manchester in the UK, and is well known for helping people increase their sales, all over the world.  Before starting his Sales Training and Speaking business 14 years ago, Andy ran an events company and filled rooms for representatives of Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins, as well as hosting his own events, and hiring speakers to speak at them (including some GSF colleagues!)  He’s blending his sales and events expertise in this session to give practical, powerful takeaways that you don’t want to miss!