BO4 – The Future of Podcast Power

25 Feb 2018
3:45 pm
Epsom 1&2

BO4 – The Future of Podcast Power

Podcasting is a well-known marketing tool, but has it had its day?

Natalie is a podcast guru and creates significant business opportunity from the tens of thousands of followers she creates with this powerful marketing action. She will show us how to ensure your podcasts remain relevant and powerful in the future and keep generating the waves of business you deserve.

Speaker Bio

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is an International speaker, author, motherhood mentor and impact entrepreneur. As a Canadian-Kiwi and self-confessed ‘extroverted-extrovert’ she has interviewed hundreds of people, parents and entrepreneurs around the world for her book, blog and podcasts. As an in-demand speaker and frequent guest on tv and radio (the AM Show, news hub etc) Natalie is known for her animated and on-point insights, tips and stories that encourage people to think a little deeper about their impact and inspire them to ‘up their brave’ and take action.

Whether speaking on social media, networking, self care or entrepreneurship, it’s all part of her life-long pursuit to “help people to do and be more than they ever thought possible”.