BO4 – What’s Hot for 2025 – Neuroscience of Leadership

26 Feb 2018
2:15 pm
Auckland 3

BO4 – What’s Hot for 2025 – Neuroscience of Leadership

This keynote is based on Ayesha’s work called “Brain The Business™ which is an overview of the key research findings from the field of neuroscience in applied leadership. It helps the leaders with strategies on decision making, insights, stress management, motivation, change and performance management at modern leadership practices.

This session covers 5 key focuses of becoming the brain-based leader who is insightful, resilient, agile, expansive and empowering.

Balance – problem solving, decision making, creative thinking

Renew – emotional management, resilience, mindfulness

Adapt – adaptability, lasting change, getting new habits

Integrate – positive leadership, social motivator, emotion cognition

Nurture – growth mindset, full brain goal setting, brain-based coaching and feedback

Speaker Bio

Ayesha Jahan Bibha is passionate about helping knowledge workers and their organizations to perform their best by applying brain-science based strategies. She is an indepth speaker and trainer on neuroscience of leadership, performance and wellbeing.

She was born in Bangladesh and moved to Australia in 2015. She overcame the initial culture shock to go on to build her own business in professional speaking, training and consulting. She has 14 years of experience in teaching, training and consulting. She has facilitated 2200 highly diversified participants from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Pakistan, Sweden, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, India and Afghanistan. A few of her workshops includes – Brain Science of Leadership, Brain Science of Performance, Brain behind Coaching and Feedback, and Women Brain and Leadership

Currently, Ayesha is accredited in Brain Science and Wellness Education Program from The Neuroscience Academy, i4 Certified Trainer at the About My Brain Institute, licensed partner of NeuroTREAD™ with EnHansen Performance Pty Ltd. and writing her first book on brain-science for self-leadership.