BO3 – Getting sick of social media? 7 rules for a healthy digital lifestyle

25 Feb 2018
10:30 am
Epsom 1&2

BO3 – Getting sick of social media? 7 rules for a healthy digital lifestyle

The online world has changed out of recognition in the last five years with many more ways to explore, help, differentiate yourself in distinct niches and give context to your ideas. But now many pour tons of time and effort into social media and see very little seems to come out? We can fix that.

You’ll get the results of the first ever detailed worldwide speakers’ digital footprint survey based on an objective and expert analysis of hundreds of speakers’ websites distilled into seven valuable tips to ensure you get high end results and avoid the mistakes being made by the majority of people. Learn:

  • How your digital marketing objectively ranks compared to other speakers
  • Why “getting to the top of Google” is no longer every marketers dream
  • Why sharing content is vital for digital-savvy speakers, consultants and trainers
  • How to better integrate your digital marketing
  • How to become a whole lot more efficient in what you do online


Speaker Bio

Chris Davidson founded Active Presence in 2002. His UK based communications consultancy creates beautiful, highly engaging and memorable presentations, and teaches people how to deliver them. Sales presentations created by Active Presence boost client close rates by up to 50%.

Applying experience from more than 20 years in IT, Chris takes a methodical, data-led approach to marketing. He wants the speaking sector to meet the challenges of a super-connected society and fully engage with the opportunities it presents.