BO3 – Redefining your future image – Branditize Yourself or Perish

25 Feb 2018
11:20 am
Epsom 1&2

BO3 – Redefining your future image – Branditize Yourself or Perish

Using his 17 years of branding, media and PR experience in the lifestyle businesses Moustafa has upgraded his image many times to finally reinvent himself into an international speaker within 1 year of returning from a 1 way ticket to India.

This session reveals the key elements required for any speakers to turn themselves into a distinctive global brand:

– How to study your customers brand appetite
– Map out the branding opportunity – Identify the gap

– Understand the different personal image branding styles
– How to choose what suites you and gets your personal image to stand out
– What NOT to do, personal image mistakes

– Everything you wear represents you from you shoes & socks to your head.
– How to build subtle signature branding in everything that represents you (your communications, content, stage intro.
– Hidden brand image elements that will make you stand out

And at the end how to bring all this together to create a sharp image that makes the speaker stand out globally in such a strong way that helps them re-launch themselves with a fresh look into the market without loosing their essence

Speaker Bio

Moustafa Hamwi has 17 years experience in the branding, PR, communications and lifestyle businesses starting with one of world’s top agency Leo Burnett where handled branding for multinational brands like Nokia, HP, Phillips to name a few. He then went on to launch his own communications agency that grew to a team of 45 including a modeling agency, brand concept agency for lifestyle brands where he was on the lead team that created successful lifestyle brands like The Cavalli Club, The 400 Club, Envouge Modeling, BOHO House and many more.

Moustafa used this experience to launch himself into an international speaker after buying a one way ticket to India. He currently works with speakers, authors and coaches to help them build a global brand image for themselves.