BO3 – Your LinkedIn Goldmine

26 Feb 2018
11:20 am
Auckland 3

BO3 – Your LinkedIn Goldmine

A goldmine is just a hole in the ground unless you know where to explore and put your efforts. With hundreds of marketing options available, how do we know which will yield the best nuggets?

Simple – ask the best in the business to draw you a map of the best veins to dig and the pit falls to avoid.  Learn from an Official LinkedIn Power Profile on how to use LinkedIn for any business purpose.

  • How to enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn
  • How to use social selling to find new clients
  • How to blog and become a thought leader on LinkedIn
  • How to enhance your employer branding and employee engagement on LinkedIn
  • How to create a content marketing plan on LinkedIn
  • How to message to find investors/clients/partners/employees on LinkedIn
  • How to achieve anything you wish on LinkedIn in a business context

Speaker Bio

Chris J Reed is the Only CEO With A Mohawk! He is also a two times No. 1 International Bestselling Author with his latest book “Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs” and previously with his book “LinkedIn Mastery for Entrepreneurs”, the No.1 book about LinkedIn on Amazon.

Chris has been named as an Official LinkedIn Power Profile 2012-2017, has one of the world’s most viewed LinkedIn profiles with 55,000 followers and has just won Social Media Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 award by CMO Asia/World Brand Congress and recently”Asia’s Most Influential Digital Media Professional” by them too. Chris is Asia’s most recommended entrepreneur on LinkedIn with almost 500 recommendations, all listed on his profile.

Chris is serial, global entrepreneur having created Black Marketing – Enabling LinkedIn For You and The Dark Art of Marketing – Personal Branding For Entrepreneurs, Mohawk Marketing – TripAdvisor Engagement For You, Chris J Reed Mastery – Masterclasses that Engage, Delight, Educate and Entertain. Chris is also a vastly experienced event speaker & chairperson and happily speaks & chairs at conferences, company events & regularly hold LinkedIn workshops. Chris lectures at both the The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School and National University of Singapore to MBA students.

Chris is also the elected Britcham Singapore Board Director and Chair of their Talent and Personal Development Business Group. Chris also mentors for the CMO Council/Singapore Management University Business School