BO3 – From keynote to life changing experience

25 Feb 2018
2:45 pm
Epsom 1&2

BO3 – From keynote to life changing experience

Andrew will open our eyes to how we can create powerful legacies – the narratives you tell yourself & your audience.

As speakers we ‘frame’ past, current & future experiences for our audiences. We often draw from our own lives & narratives to make a connection and offer a ‘reframe’. In this Diamond TED, you will gain awareness of your current frames, and have a strategy to build powerful narratives for yourself and your audiences.

Speaker Bio

Global Self Leadership & Leading Cultures expert, Andrew Bryant, CSP is an Amazon best-selling author and executive coach to senior leaders & CEOs. Andrew has been speaking professionally since 1999 and is a past-president of Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore.

Transformation, Ownership & Impact are the 3 take-aways from Andrew’s speeches, whether speaking to audiences as large as 12,000, or doing a workshop for at-risk teenager as part of CSR for a global bank.