BO2 – Getting Your NICHE Niched

25 Feb 2018
3:45 pm
Parnell Room

BO2 – Getting Your NICHE Niched

Inclusivity for the Hearing and Otherwise Impaired

Like a laser beam, a truly niched approach in reaching the 10-15% of your audience that are communicatively impaired to bring greater participation and inclusivity like never before:

  • How to reach out & include those that have communicative challenges in your audience!
  • The technologies and strategies that communicate clearly to everyone there!
  • How to make your slides reach out & become more inclusive and powerful!

This session focuses on the forgotten members of just about every audience. By accommodating them in your presentations you attract more enthusiastic participation and win over an everyone, not just the those that can hear and comprehend normally. A must session for every professional speaker!

Speaker Bio

Max Stanley Chartrand, Ph.D., CSP, is a double-doctorate professor of Behavioral Medicine and Communicative Disorders, a widely published health researcher, and well-known keynote speaker at health and medical conferences. He is also profoundly deaf, starting before age three, and utilizes a cochlear implant and assistive devices for communication.

Max is one of the most published and lectured in the hearing health field and trains audiologists, speech pathologists, otolaryngologists, deaf educators, and hearing instrument dispensers. His courses and speaking topics are aimed to enlighten and encourage all, consumers and professionals alike.