BO2 – Build a Brand That Lasts – a True Legacy

26 Feb 2018
11:20 am
Epsom 3

BO2 – Build a Brand That Lasts – a True Legacy

Your brand isn’t an image. It’s a strategic reflection of the true you. I call it Strategic Authenticity – and achieving that is easier said than done. It begins with defining yourself – from the inside out – and then striking just the right balance between strategy and authenticity. After 20 years of experience doing this in TV news, I now teach others how to, using an original and memorable chocolate theme (and yes, I don’t talk about chocolate without sharing it too). But this isn’t fluffy stuff. Be challenged and rewarded. Learn why your brand isn’t just about self promotion. It’s about making clear how you can best serve others and leave a lasting, authentic legacy.

Speaker Bio

In 2011, Pallas Hupé Cotter left her job as an Emmy-award winning news anchor and moved to Wellington, New Zealand. Now she’s New Zealand’s Brightstar Emerging Speaker of the year, as well as a writer and founder of a personal leadership development and strategic messaging consultancy, and personal brand coach.

Pallas has turned her passion for communication and connection into a process to help others define and express their passion, purpose and personality – to lead a life that POPs. Author of two books and TEDx speaker, she’s worked with top politicians and some of New Zealand’s best success story companies.