BO1 – Selling Millions from Stage with Ease

25 Feb 2018
11:20 am
Auckland 3

BO1 – Selling Millions from Stage with Ease

Dave VanHoose is hands-down one of the most successful stage speakers in the world, possessing the magic ability to take any presentation to maximum sales conversions within a 24-hour period. With over 3,000 presentations personally delivered, he’s tested & fine-tuned every element of a presentation down to the smallest detail for maximum returns. He’ll share with you his proven techniques of a master closer – the Presentainer™. This is Dave’s patented technology for delivering a presentation that hypnotically builds rapport, influences, persuades and sells at much a much higher conversion all while keeping your audience-no matter the size-entertained and on the edge of their seats. (Your prospects will LOVE you and want to do business with you!)

Speaker Bio

Dave VanHoose has mastered the art of platform and webinar persuasion and has personally delivered more than 3000 presentations!

His first company, number 35 on INC. Magazine’s list of 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. Within 3 years, Dave’s company had 100 employees, over $30 million in revenue, and was producing 50-100 seminar events per month!

Now, Dave is THE mentor and coach to the worlds leading influencers such as infomercial star Dean Graziosi, TV celebrity Kevin Harrington, NY Times Best Selling Author, Robert Allen, and internet whiz kid Russell Brunson.

Dave is also one of the few privileged speakers to speak on Peter Lowe’s Get Motivated Success TOUR along with past presidents and world leaders such as Bill Clinton, George Bush & Mikhail Gorbachev, Sports stars such as Michael Phelps, Joe Montana and Business personalities like Steve Forbes and Steve Wozniak.