BO4 – Legacy through Voice – Our tales create destinies

25 Feb 2018
11:20 am
Parnell Room

BO4 – Legacy through Voice – Our tales create destinies

Our power lies in our words. As experts in the craft of speaking we can reach across borders and reach nations at a level few others can.

In doing so we create new ideas, challenge boundaries and have the ability to stop divisions and create unity. Lenora will take us on a journey of discovery as we discover and release our own power to unite and embrace diversity and create deep connections that last the test of time.

Speaker Bio

Diversity and Inclusion is a full-time focus, not just one topic among many for Lenora Billings-Harris. Whether through keynotes, workshops, or organizational consulting, Lenora partners with clients to help them build effective relationships that leverage diversity in order to increase inclusion, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Billings-Harris is a recognized authority. She has been included as one of 100 Global Thought Leaders on Diversity and Inclusion by The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), and was named by Diversity Woman Magazine as one of the twenty top influential diversity leaders in the US. Her award winning diversity leadership research is recognized in academic journals internationally. Lenora recently keynoted at the Inclusion Conferences in Cape Town, South Africa and in Tel Aviv, Israel to share best practices with leaders within business, government, education and NGO communities.

Lenora is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a past president of the National Speakers Association, and 2014 president of the Global Speakers Federation. In 2016 she was the Cavett Award recipient, the highest honor bestowed upon professional speakers in the USA.

Before launching her business in 1986, she held management positions at two Fortune 100 companies, and managed executive development seminars for the Graduate School of Business, University of Michigan.