BO1 – The Future of Speaking

26 Feb 2018
2:15 pm
Epsom 1&2

BO1 – The Future of Speaking

Is our industry under threat? YES!

Are we also at the doorway of huge opportunity? YES!

The way we deliver, who we deliver to and how we deliver is in a rapid state of change as we compete with companies paying for the privilege of being on stage and more free content online than we can watch in a life time.

So how do we compete? What are our best strategies for longevity and relevance?

Speaker Bio

Dr Gustav Gous (CSP, PhD) is an experienced international speaker on five continents. Former President of PSAN (Professional Speakers Association of Namibia: 2016-2017), and PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa: 2009-2010). Founder President of the Diversity Intelligence Institute to get diverse people to win together: ‘Six ways to relate: From War to Adore’©. Known for his ‘Short Walk to Freedom’© transformational Leadership programmes on Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated. Executive coach to a number of senior executives through the ‘Diamond Profiling’©-method. Leading specialist in integrated Life coaching through the ‘Get-a-Life’© -method.

Gustav is married to Annelize and they have three daughters: Jana, Nandi and Mila.