BO1 – The Family Mastermind: How Families Go from Leader to Legacy

25 Feb 2018
2:15 pm
Epsom 3

BO1 – The Family Mastermind: How Families Go from Leader to Legacy

You might be the star of your keynote, but it doesn’t mean you are the only act in the family. Everyone in the family dynamic is impacted by your speaking career, even if they don’t work in your business. So how do you create harmony at home, so you can rock it on the road? The secret is the family mastermind. Napoleon Hill defined a mastermind as the coordination of knowledge and effort to achieve a goal. What if you could leverage this same power to the advantage of your family? What if you could awaken and empower a purposeful journey for each family mem-ber, and the family as a whole? As a family, the conversations we have are more important than the challenges we face. Learning to talk about our individual and shared goals, overcoming obstacles, and action planning is critical for the vitality of the family. It is how we co-create a legacy of wisdom, passing down essential knowledge and experiences to empower future generations.

In this session, a mother-son duo, Enette and Zander (age 10) will share their family secrets on how to start your family mastermind journey by identifying and linking the individual and shared priorities of your family members.

Learn how to:

1. Start your family mastermind

2. Identify and integrate individual and family goals.

Speaker Bios

Enette Pauzé lives with 4 boys.  FOUR of them. Her husband is also a professional speaker (Sunjay Nath), and their sons are 5, 7 and 10yrs old.  With both parents on the global speaking circuit, school, 23hrs/week of gymnastic training, and a shared value on family and learning, Enette and Sunjay Nath have dedicated more than 10yrs to master planning how to help each family member identify and fulfill his/her own purpose by leveraging the family dynamic.   From brining the family on the road, to coordinating family schedules more complicated than air traffic control, Enette helps families from around the world discover and leverage their familiness advantage.

Zander Nath was born to be different. He is a provincial Tumbler and represented Team Ontario at the Eastern Canadian Gymnastics Championships where he won a silver medal in 2017, at the age of 9. Now in 5th grade, Zander trains 10hrs/week, balancing school, a full social life and extra-curricular activities. Along with his two younger brothers, he also plays an active role in the family business helping to add humor to keynote stories, book signings, and of course, heckling his parents from the audience. His energy and enthusiasm for life and people is contagious, and his animated curiosity gets him into trouble, just like his mom.