3 MASSIVE Mistakes Business owners AND SPEAKERS make that KEEP them struggling to get RECOMMENDED

23 Feb 2018
2:15 pm
Epsom 1&2

3 MASSIVE Mistakes Business owners AND SPEAKERS make that KEEP them struggling to get RECOMMENDED

Lindsay is a recognised expert at helping people partner for performance. Referrals are one of the strongest forms of marketing but so few are good at it. This session will show you how to excite people to give you referrals, whether it be for clients, strategic alliances or even better suppliers.

Speaker Bio

Lindsay Adams is a practiced speaking professional, workshop facilitator and relationship marketing specialist. With over 20 years word of relationship marketing experience, Lindsay’s focus is on building effective relationships and generating more sales in less time by doing business by relationship. Lindsay Adams is able to identify what stimulates staff. In his presentations he coaches his audience to help them achieve peak performance. Lindsay offers solutions to help increase sales and maximise an organisation’s “Relationship Building Power”. Lindsay’s customised keynote presentations and workshops are tailored to meet specific organisational needs and provide educational information in an entertaining way. He provides the tools to assist you to retain, re-train and relate to staff, and focus on teamwork and achievement.

Lindsay has worked with executive teams, individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners across Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States. He won’t just ‘tell’ you the principles of the topic, he will help you put them into action. His content rich presentations and follow-up advice help you and your team apply life and business changing principles to their everyday behaviour to achieve long term success and goal fulfillment.

Lindsay is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and holds many management and training accreditations. He utilises these in his presentations and consulting work with a diverse range of clients. Lindsay was the 2009-2010 International President of the Global Speakers Federation and a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Australia (PSA). In March 2013 he was awarded a life membership of the PSA in recognition of his speaking prowess and service to the industry locally and internationally. He holds the first ever CSPGlobal designation award. CSPGlobal means Certified Speaking Professional, Global, the highest membership category of the Global Speakers Federation and the only internationally recognised designation for professional speakers. This designation guarantees that you receive a professional presentation every time.