Day 1
23 Feb 2018
Day 2
24 Feb 2018
Day 3
25 Feb 2018
Day 4
26 Feb 2018

Conference Opening

Introduction of Speakers, About the Day, Welcome Guests and Public

The Future of Speaking

Million Dollar Speakers and global thought leaders Fredrik and Gil share the way in which the world is changing in relation to the presentation industry. This includes speakers, trainers, inhouse,...
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Fredrik Härén
Gil Petersil

Video Break

Capture and Engage the Spirit of Impact With Voice

Captivating an Audience in any Situation

Douglas Kruger is 5 Times South African Speaking Champion. He understands the importance of grabbing your audience and holding their attention, having them come on a journey with you, all...
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Douglas Kruger

It’s never too late to Recalculate

Karen gives many of us directions we take daily. After all she is the voice of your iPhone GPS. From personal experience of re-directing her own career from little Australia...
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Karen Jacobsen

Communication and Legacy

Allie is 3 times New Zealand speaker of the year for a reason. She is a communications expert that will help you decipher the fundamentals of the way in which...
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Allie Mooney

Selling One to Many

Dave Van House boasts clients like Tony Robbins, Robert Allen and Russell Brunson. He is one of the leading ‘closers’ in the world. Whether you are in sales or simply...
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Dave VanHoose


Thankyou has over 40 products available in 5,000 outlets across Australia. Each product is fitted with a digital ID that allows consumers to track their global impact. Daniel will be...
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Daniel Flynn

The Future of Technology and Business

Recognised as Australias leading authority in Technology and business Steve will be sharing futurism on the Internet, NBN, the evolving role of tech in organisations and some unexpected twists and...
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Steve Sammartino

Your best friend in Messaging – Your Book

Did you know that corporations are bringing out books? CEO’s and Subject Matter Experts are connecting with their audience, customers and suppliers via the written word. It’s no longer a...
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Natasa Denman

3 MASSIVE Mistakes Business owners AND SPEAKERS make that KEEP them struggling to get RECOMMENDED

Lindsay is a recognised expert at helping people partner for performance. Referrals are one of the strongest forms of marketing but so few are good at it. This session will...
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Lindsay Adams

Professional Presenting for Results

Barry Markoff knows presenting. He has booked thousands of them. This talk is geared to the corporate presenter, who wants to get their company message across at a meeting, seminar...
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Barry Markoff

The Change Management Survival Kit

Cyriel is an innovation genius. Disruptive change needs professionals with an agile mindset who turn problems into opportunities. By breaking fixed thinking patterns and focussing on objectives Cyriel will share...
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Cyriel Kortleven

Contrary Leadership

Having faced obstacles throughout her military career including a face to face showdown with Saddam Hussein, Colonel Morgenthaler has discovered universal truths about contrary leadership to help leaders overcome obstacles...
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Colonel Jill Morgenthaler

3 Ways to Keep your Brain Healthy

Join Dr. John Molidor as he examines how to keep your brain healthy. Brief Overview of the Brain (i.e., brain basics) Three Key Neuroscience Principles for Speakers Principle 1: Brains...
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Dr. John B. Molidor

Develop your Instinct and Intuition

Every great leader has a phenomenal intuition and instinct. In fact people like Richard Branson openly state they go with their gut and support their decisions with fact. Most average...
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Hervé Franceschi

Your Message – Providing Clarity in Times of Uncertainty

Jeff Gusky is a National Geographic Photographer and Filmmaker. He is working with Peter Jackson and the grandson of JRR Tolkien on an exciting project currently. Jeff is passionate about...
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Jeff Gusky

You Repu-meter: How to Get to the Top of the Market

Steve will be sharing the undervalued but much needed role of reputation in business. Position themselves as unique in their field when they network either live or virtually Identify the...
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Steve Lowell

From Shadows to Spotlight

Adversity is not something to be ashamed of. In fact it is something to be proud of. So many people wear a cloak of secrecy, coverup and non authenticity. They...
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JJ Brun

The Power of Transparency

Born and brought up during the Soviet Union era, Mykola had been injected with the idealization that one should always appear and behave “perfect” — the perfect life, the perfect...
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Mykola Latansky

World Famous Conference Closing

Paul Huschilt is one of the world’s best satirists. Paul will be driving the key messages of the day and the way forward in the art of business and communication...
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Paul Huschilt
7:30 am

Registration Opens for the GSS

GSF Leaders Forum

This meeting is specifically for the GSF Leaders represented from each country to meet with the global GSF president Shirley Taylor Speaker Bio Shirley Taylor CSP has established herself as...
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Shirley Taylor

Pre Convention Workshop 1 – Building a 7 Figure International Speaking Business

A nuts and bolts A – Z workshop for people who want to be financially successful in speaking. Fredrik Härén will share how he bills $1M a year just as a keynote...
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Fredrik Härén
Gil Petersil
10:30 am

Morning Tea

GSF leaders Forum and Pre Convention Workshop 1

Continued Speaker Bio Shirley Taylor CSP has established herself as a leading authority in modern business writing and communication skills. She is author of 12 successful books on communication skills,...
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Fredrik Härén
Shirley Taylor

Pre Convention Workshop 2 – Mastering Stage Mechanics

Led by Simone De Hass with Steve Lowell Shakespeare said “All the World’s A Stage…” and when it comes to creating a global leadership legacy ALL of the STAGE is...
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Simone de Haas
Steve Lowell

Pre Convention Workshop 3 – Getting Booked Internationally

Between Gustav and Jonathan there are not many places they haven’t spoken. This session is for those of you who truly want to build a global brand and get booked...
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Gustav Gous
Jonathan Low

Pre Convention Workshop 4 – How to build a successful speaking business. . . and not lose your mind

The back end of a speaking business can drive you nuts. Prospecting, Marketing, Websites, CRM, Service, Referrals, let alone research, and all the social media one is expected to do. This...
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Nina Sunday
Steve Diggs
Meridith Powell
3:30 pm


Global Speakers Summit – Welcome Session

Whether you are a GSS first timer or would like to know the lie of the land and how to maximize your GSS experience, two of our most experienced speakers...
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Scott Friedman
Kristin Arnold

The CSP Strategy – Why it’s important, What to do to get it & How to Leverage it

What does having a CSP mean? What is your journey to obtaining this sought after and elusive prize of the speaking world held by just 9% of speakers globally. In...
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Catherine Palin-Brinkworth
Chris Davidson

Main Partners Session

To Be Announced Speaker Bio TBA

Opening Ceremony

Video, Flags, GSF Country Representatives, Formal Introduction of MC, MC to Introduce President and Board, Convention Chair, Other Dignitaries.

Transform Yourself to Transform the World: From Very Hungry Trainer Caterpillar to Million-Dollar Entrepreneur Butterfly

Transforming the world has never been easy. But in today’s world of information overload, with almost as many senders as there are receivers, it seems harder to have a true...
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Martin Limbeck

Awakening A Leader’s Soul

The business world is and has been obsessed with the Leader for decades. But, it is leadership journeys – not the leader – that produce outcomes capable of increasing wellbeing...
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Gaurav Bhalla

Deal Makers cafe

Note this is where people come together to do deals

Pain is Not Real

Neural Hacking Techniques – Glen will teach you about QUANTUM, bio energy, and how to change your beliefs and behaviours that have been limiting your positive personal and mental growth....
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Glen Levy

Making the impossible possible – building a legacy together

Your legacy isn’t about you. No one can tackle the biggest challenges facing man in isolation. Leveraging partnership synergy is essential for us to have impact, influence and to ignite...
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Enette Pauzé
10:00 am

Networking Break

BO1 – Your Best Seller Strategy – Turn Your 1 Expertise into 12 Products and 7 Figures

Having multiple products leads to more than a 7 figure income. It solidifies your expert position and lands you more work – and you clients actually want you to have...
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Helen Chang

BO2 – Happy staff make you money – Creating the modern profitable workplace

With the advent of new technology, world attitudes and a generation determined to create their own job description, determining what being a good employer means is a moving platform. Management...
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Paul Ter Wal

BO3 – Getting sick of social media – 7 rules for a healthy digital lifestyle

The online world has changed out of recognition in the last five years with many more ways to explore, help, differentiate yourself in distinct niches and give context to your...
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Chris Davidson

BO4 – Outsourcing Your Team

The online world has changed out of recognition in the last five years with many more ways to explore, help, differentiate yourself in distinct niches and give context to your...
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Jane Anderson

BO4 – Legacy through Voice – Our tales create destinies

Our power lies in our words. As experts in the craft of speaking we can reach across borders and reach nations at a level few others can. In doing so...
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Lenora Harris-Billings

BO1 – Influencing an audience – selling from stage

  Speaker Bio Dave VanHoose has mastered the art of platform and webinar persuasion and has personally delivered more than 3000 presentations! His first company, number 35 on INC. Magazine’s...
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Dave VanHoose

BO2 – Productising for legacy – Leveraging evergreen products that just keep on selling

Stop reinventing the wheel, producing product after product when you could build the product that keeps on selling & selling year after year. Discover how an evergreen product can help...
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Brad Hauck

BO3 – Multi Funnel Marketing – Creating many streams of business in many different ways

We know having many forms of marketing feeding us multiple streams of prospects is the dream of the successful business – we simply all to often find it so hard...
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Lunch & Networking

Lunch & Networking

BO1 – Building the right lists of the right people

No, I don’t want to give you my email address! We will provide you with 5 key list building principles and 4 tools which you can use build and segment...
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BO2 – Win the heart and the mind follows – winning global markets

Syed Mohsin once failed a RJ audition at a radio station, but today he has spoken in front of more then 5,000 people. His talk will be all about living...
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Syed Mohsin

BO3 – Video testimonials with the impact to create action

In this day and age simply speaking is not enough to win the audience and your next job. Jill will show us how to create unique engagement pieces to add...
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Jill Schiefelbein

BO4 – The Perfect Corporate Webinar

How do you know if you are really hitting the mark with your Webinars and what can you change to ensure repeat business and referrals. Sharon Connolly has delivered over...
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Sharon Connolly

BO1 – Set yourself apart from other speakers by having your own TV show (it’s a lot easier than you think)

Just a few years ago Cath had a WOW moment – she wanted her own TV show! This is the remarkable story about how a ‘P’ lab became a studio,...
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Cath Vincent

BO2 – Results driven copywriting

Words on a page are just that, words. Unless they have purpose and direction, are relevant and strike the right chord with the intended audience and deliver a powerful message...
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Jill Schiefelbein

BO3 – From keynote to life changing experience

Andrew will open our eyes to how we can create powerful legacies – the narratives you tell yourself & your audience. As speakers we ‘frame’ past, current & future experiences...
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Andrew Bryant

BO4 – Create it once – use it 100 times

Like many before her, Tarran woke up to the realisation that there are many ways to deliver the knowledge we have to others – literally multiplying the number of audiences...
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Tarran Deane
3:15 pm

Networking Break

BO1 – Licensing Content – when there is only one of you and a lot of opportunity

Thinking about licensing? This is the session you must come to. Among the ways you can leverage your intellectual property, licensing is one of the lesser used and understood models....
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Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

BO2 – Getting Your NICHE Niched

Inclusivity for the Hearing and Otherwise Impaired Like a laser beam of light, a truly niched approach to the right market will create cut though you cannot create in any...
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Max Chartrand

BO3 – Visual Media – Speak to their Guts

In this session we will discover how authentic visual storytelling can sell you (or sink you) before you step on stage. In our fast-paced, visual message-driven culture, clients make snap-judgements...
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AJ Coots

BO4 – The Future of Podcast Power

Podcasting is a well-known marketing tool, but has it had its day? Natalie is a podcast guru and creates significant business opportunity from the tens of thousands of followers she...
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Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Transform, Optimise and Accelerate

Rick will unpack his proven techniques that have transformed organisations all over the world. He has the ability to show you how to reinvent your business to make the most...
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Rick Goodman

Legacy Charity Dinner

David Nottage MC

Deal Makers Cafe

where people meet, network and do deals til the wee hours

Opening Entertainment

Video on the Legacy of the All Blacks (The most successful sporting team of all time)

Strap into the pilots seat and REALLY fly your business

Through her real life experiences overcoming overwhelming obstacles to become a US Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot, Elizabeth uses humor to share the life and business lessons learned and relates...
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Elizabeth McCormick

Making a Difference! How to go from Zero to Hero as a Professional Speaker.

Turn your presentations into catalysts of change. Move beyond your own borders and make a difference around the world. As speakers we have the opportunity to make a difference in...
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Ilja Grzeskowitz

BO3 – Redefining your future image – Branditize Yourself or Perish

Using his 17 years of branding, media and PR experience in the lifestyle businesses Moustafa has upgraded his image many times to finally reinvent himself into an international speaker within...
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Moustafa Hamwi

BO4 – Connecting a 90 trillion dollar industry with a green and sustainable speaking business

As we explore the journey from the early days of climate change discovery to our current awareness of the imminent need for sustainability we will examine the race between exponential...
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Ron Immink

BO1 – Become the CEO’s Confidant

In this session Elias will share the learnings from a 35+ year career in a way that will allow you apply these simple principles to your business to learn how...
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Elias Kanaris

BO2 – Building Enduring Brand Legacy

Your brand isn’t an image. It’s a strategic reflection of the true you. I call it Strategic Authenticity – and achieving that is easier said than done. It begins with...
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Pallas Hupé Cotter

BO3 – Your LinkedIn Goldmine

A goldmine is just a hole in the ground unless you know where to explore and put your efforts. With hundreds of marketing options available, how do we know which...
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Chris J Reed

BO4 – Create your own events AND make REAL money from them

If you have ever run your own event you will understand the risk and effort that goes into them…and then they lose you money? Not anymore. This session will provide...
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Andy Preston

BO1 – The Future of Speaking

Is our industry under threat? YES! Are we also at the doorway of huge opportunity? YES! The way we deliver, who we deliver to and how we deliver is in...
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Gustav Gous

BO2 – Creating Legacy through Causes and Foundations

Legacy is about what we leave behind. It is something bigger than simply us and yet we can be the catalyst that starts the avalanche of change needed in an...
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Amelie Yan-Gouiffes

BO3 – Collaboration instead of Competition

Leverage your membership – enjoy the power of your own tribe! Are you getting the value out of your association membership? Did you know that there are plenty of things...
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Mia Liljeberg

BO4 – How will the age of predictive thinking impact us as humans and how will speaking evolve?

By 2025 the business landscape will look very different to the one we see today: Access to intuitive machine predictions is now changing organisational thinking and behaviour. Structures will become...
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BO1 – Turning intergenerational differences into super teams

What happens when you take the imagination and energy of youth and successfully mix it with the experience and insights of age? You end with a recipe for a team...
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Katie Mares

BO2 – Next generation FaceBook marketing – the new changes you need to know about

Facebook is evolving into the most powerful marketing platform in the world. Discover 5 new features that will grow your business exponentially if you know how to leverage them before...
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Brad Hauck

BO3 – Intuitive time management – going beyond the rules other people use

Beyond Prioritisation: How to be a Time Master with Ease How do the most effective people manage their time? Although they understand principles, they also know when and how to...
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Robyn Pearce

BO4 – Being Whole and Healthy while on the Road

Our bodies comprise three tubes of intelligence that are all connected; our brain and nervous system; our heart and circulatory system; and our gut and lymphatic system. At an instinctual...
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John Hale

Partner Session – BO1 – It’s Not Personal, It’s Cultural! Using Conscious Communications in a Multicultural World

Intercultural competency in speaking, coaching, trainings, and business development is now a compulsory skill set. Having a global mind set is key to success in today’s world. Intercultural communications is...
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Harriet Russell

Partner Session – BO2 – Mastering mastermind groups that create quantum change

Masterminds are Magic You can add another income stream to your speaking practice by offering facilitated masterminds in your area of expertise. Masterminds come in all shapes and sizes. Paid,...
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Paula Smith

Partner Session – BO3 – Motivating through Meaning – capturing and keeping your audience

When we are hired to present we are expected to create motivation within the audiences we have the privilege to address. How? What will create the connection that inspires action?...
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Troy Hendrickson

BO4 – Creating a highly qualified lead funnel on autopilot

How to create a unique universe of products and make your clients never want to leave. You want one of those, right? See you at the session. Speaker Bio Christian...
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Christian Buchholz

Closing Keynote – From Leader to Legacy

Rt Hon John Key – Former Prime Minister

Presidents GALA Dinner

Featuring Warwick Merry (MC) and the GSS Band