Have you heard of A J Hackett?


Have you heard of A J Hackett?

Have you heard of A J Hackett?

If you think the name sounds familiar, then you either have a great memory or you might be an adrenaline junkie!

A J Hackett has a world-wide reputation as the modern home of Bungy Jumping.  Birthed out of Queenstown, it has expanded to over 7 sites in New Zealand alone – including the infamous Auckland Bridge Bungy.

Bungy as we know it all started with a small group of individuals who had been throwing themselves from huge towers for centuries with nothing more than a few vines tied to their feet by the people of Vanuatu in the Pacific.

A J Hackett and Henry van Asch (who met while skiing in Wanaka, New Zealand) set about developing and testing Bungy cords with the help of Auckland University Scientists. They were both convinced that others would pay to experience the adrenaline rush associated with Bungy.

Once tried and tested by A J, Henry and quite a few of their mates, they agreed that they needed a very public confirmation of their complete faith in the newly-created Bungy ropes. To achieve this, a PR coup was set up involving a Bungy Jump from the Paris Eiffel Tower in June 1987. A J snuck up the Eiffel Tower and slept there overnight, then first thing in the morning he Bungy Jumped off the tower. He was immediately arrested, but was released five minutes later. The Jump made international headlines and the Bungy phenomenon had begun!

Come and join us at #GSS2018 in Auckland, New Zealand to experience this adrenaline rush.  But, if the thought of having your ankles tied to a Bungy rope is too much for you, you can take the more sedentary (but equally as exciting) SkyJump off the famous Sky Tower (https://www.skycityauckland.co.nz/attractions/sky-tower/adventure/) and fall 192 metres  (630 feet).