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National Speakers Association of New Zealand (NSANZ)

National Speakers Association of New Zealand (NSANZ) was formed in 1994 and is the 3rd oldest Professional Speaking Association in the world. Our Mission is encapsulated by the following statement: “We are a community committed to excellence in the business of professional speaking.” And our Vision is summarised as: “We see a world where our ideas give everyone the opportunity to excel.”

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Global Speakers Federation

The Global Speakers Federation champions, supports and provides resources to help develop and grow associations of professional speakers worldwide.


  1. Strengthen worldwide recognition of professional speaking within the meetings industry.
  2. Provide support to member associations on forming, managing, and leading associations, including sharing best practices.
  3. Build a global community of like-minded people to encourage alliances, connections, and support networks.

The GSF currently comprises 13 independent speaker associations representing 15 nations and individuals from over 20 countries.

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Story About US

The idea of creating a truly global entity for the professional speaking business began evolving around the late 1980s. An initial exploratory meeting held at the NSA Dallas Convention in 1989 clearly identified the challenges involved in finding a mechanism that would address the concerns of autonomy, resources, consistency and commarderie for professional speaking associations around the world.

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Message from GSS2018 Chair

From Leader to Legacy – A Global Journey. In 2005 I attended the GSS in Singapore , the first ever GSS. I met people who have shaped my view of the world, inspired me, taught me useful information I couldn’t learn in New Zealand and many of them I have collaborated with and shared stages all over the world. We, as speakers, are in the boardrooms of the Googles, BP’s, HSBC’s and other major players. We help them shape strategy, build team, create message and make decisions that change the world. In one career a speaker can influence over 1,000,000 people. Between us we can influence the world. That is our quest… Are you ready to accept it?

Mike Handcock CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, Chair GSS2018